TV Research vs IRA Research … TV Wins!

A recent TIAA-CREF poll revealed that only 15% of Americans devoted two hours or more to planning their IRA allocations, however, 25% said they spend two hours or more choosing a restaurant for a special occasion! More than 20% of those polled focused more than two hours on picking out a flat screen TV, and 16% said they devoted the same amount of time to buying a tablet computer. Can I just say, wow?! Granted, my husband and I are both avid researchers and are always looking for the absolute best product at the best possible price, and we regularly debate at great length which local restaurant we’re going to patronize for lunch, but these survey results were shocking! Additionally, even among those individuals who already have an IRA, more than half said they spent an hour or less planning for the investment. I believe these results speak to the …
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