Coach Fulmer’s Divot Story

ICM recently sponsored former University of Tennessee Coach, Phillip Fulmer, as the speaker for an event for a group of local medical professionals. In his remarks, he told a number of interesting stories and one of them especially resonated with me. The story related to making divots on a golf course. If you aren’t familiar with golf, a divot is made when a shot from the fairway scrapes off the top of the turf where the ball was resting.  Coach Fulmer’s point was if you make a divot, you need to fix it. Otherwise, it will leave a scar behind.  He applied this anecdote to life … if you do something that hurts something or someone, fix it.  Leave everything in a condition that is at least as good as it was in before you were there. I think this is a great life lesson, and one that we could …
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